Not Recommended Recharging the Phone Through Laptop

When the phone battery is running low while the laptop or computer is in front, some users will not think long to plug in a USB cable and charging. But think again. Simple and practical things that turned out to invite danger. According to research in a recent report, the smartphone is plugged into a laptop or computer was vulnerable to be seen by hackers. This applies both to smartphones based on the Android operating system as well as iOS, Windows or Mac (for laptops). Why? Smartphones are delivering large amounts of sensitive information in the process of “handshake” with a laptop or computer before connections between two devices can be intertwined. For that, you can use cell phone charging lockers the safer to recharge your phone.

Such sensitive information includes descriptions, such as the name and type of device, manufacturer, serial number, version of the system information, firmware, file system, and electronic chip ID in it. Various important information is what is vulnerable stolen by hackers through a laptop or computer connected to the smartphone, to then be used to prepare cyber attacks that target the phone. This is especially true for phones connected to a foreign computer or laptop device in a public place. This experiment proves that any PC connected to a mobile phone via a regular USB cable is capable of re-flash and installing root application, only with a certain number of AT-commands.

If you’re a regular user, you can be tracked through the device ID. Your phone can be quietly crammed with malicious programs, such as adware or ransomware. The risk is even worse if the owner of the smartphone is an important figure, for example, a leader in a company. You can become a target of professional hacker attacks. The culprit did not have to have a high skill because all the information can be found on the internet. If the hacker has obtained specific information about the user’s mobile phone, malicious program attacks can be adjusted through exploits that are specifically made to target the device concerned. In addition to a laptop or computer, a fake charger in a seemingly innocuous public place can be used to grow malware on a smartphone. So, be careful when you want to charge the battery with an unknown charger or computer.

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