Why iPhone is Hunted by Fans?

Both Apple iPhone and Android smartphone both have advantages and disadvantages. But the fans of each of them have certainly a strong reason why they prefer to use a device in comparison to other devices. This sometimes makes a person who has not made a choice to be confused. Not a few prospective customers who want to choose to use iPhone-based IOS or Android smartphone. You can visit our website to get iphone 7 plus screen repair.

Here are some reasons why people prefer iPhone compared to Android smartphone:

1. The best application comes first for iPhone

Although the iPhone has a smaller market share than Android smartphones, the developers seem more fond of releasing their flagship app first in Apple AppStore for IOS-based devices. While the Android version of this application will follow later.

2. Have a better design

Android smartphone is produced by many vendors, so it does not have certain characteristics that make it iconic. Unlike the iPhone that is only produced and will always belong to Apple. The design of the iPhone from generation to generation is not too radically changed, only its dimensions are starting to follow the trend. Consistently, iPhone designs can better than the ranks of Android smartphones.

3. Apple Pay will be massive

Payment system via mobile devices is believed many parties will boom in some time to come. And the iPhone (latest series) has been equipped with digital payment platform that is considered quite satisfactory so far. Too early indeed to assess the success of Apple Pay. But in fact, Apple is fully supported by a number of well-known banks and credit card issuers.

4. Best after sales service

Where do Android users have to come if the smartphone is broken? iPhone users may not have a headache. They only need to visit the Apple Store and all problems are completed, of course, with the cost of repairs that have been paid. But as a note, the fact in Indonesia there is no Apple Store. So, please decide yourself this point should be taken into account or not.

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