Learn More about Oncology

Cancer patients need the best handling and treatment measures for survival. Therefore, the selection of the right oncologist becomes one of the important keys to diagnosing and providing the needed treatment. Given that in the face of cancer, time plays a very important role, then when the diagnosis is done will determine the type of treatment that can be done, as well as the effect on the type of cancer experienced. The sooner a diagnosis is made, the higher the chances of successful treatment being done. For that, we advise you to visit fortis hospital bangalore .

First, ask for a specialist’s recommendation to the doctor who gave you a diagnosis of cancer first. In many cases, the doctor will advise the handling of other doctors. If the doctor’s diagnosis is not final, the doctor says there is a chance of cancer. Then ask your doctor to give two or three names of doctors or other specialists for a second or second opinion. Do not despair, and keep in touch with your doctor.

No less important is choosing the right hospital. Choose a hospital that has oncology health services, especially those who have already handled the type of cancer you are experiencing. The hospital generally has oncologists who are ready to deal with cancer right, supported by adequate checking and handling. Although the field of Oncology is still quite foreign to the ears of the layman, this field has long been instrumental in dealing with cancer. Ask your doctor for advice on finding the right oncologist and hospital to help you.

Certain cancers require special operations, categorized by the type of cancer treated or the technology used during the surgery. Lung cancer often requires surgery to remove one or both patients’ lungs, this action is referred to as lobectomy and pneumonectomy. In the case of breast cancer, the patient needs to perform a mastectomy, which refers to the removal of the whole breast, or lumpectomy, where only as an infected breast is removed.