How to Do a Fast-Charging On Your Smartphone?

Smartphone function is like a second home that can accommodate all the needs. It is starting from shooting, watching movies, editing videos, even to a health device using various applications on offer. Fortunately, at this time you do not have to bother anymore to recharge your smartphone batteries because now you can easily find cell phone charging station that you can find in public place or at an event. Well, if you are currently holding an event then it would be better if you provide cell phone charging station to make the visitors more comfortable in your event. You can easily visit the veloxity website at for more information on phone charging station rentals for events.

Regardless, it takes more than an hour for you to be able to use your smartphone again with a full battery condition and prime. Well, what if you have to do charging a smartphone at the wrong time when you are urged to use the smartphone for work? Therefore, here are some ways that you can quickly charge your smartphone battery!

1. Use Tablet Charger
The smart phone’s default charger basically has a smaller charging power. However, the tablet’s built-in charger apparently has considerable charging power. Please note, not all smartphone can use a tablet charger. Some smartphone can indeed use a tablet charger and are able to charge the battery quickly. However, there is some smartphone that power the battery can only be charged in accordance with the capacity of the built-in charger output. You can use this method, but keep in mind do not do this often. Use this method when necessary, as the use of a tablet charger to a smartphone battery can reduce the battery life of the smartphone.

2. Use USB Cable with Best Quality
Do not use a USB cable that is not your smart phone’s default when going to charge the battery because, if you are using another USB cable, the cable is not capable of delivering full charge power. Please note also that your default USB cable also must have the best quality. If you use a low-quality USB cable, then the metal used cannot handle high power.

3. When charging, turn off Smartphone
While in the process of charging the battery, it is advisable to turn off your smartphone. Although you do not use it at all, keep your smartphone off. Because the performance of the application can suck the battery power and make the charging process to be slow. When you turn off the smartphone, then automatically the entire application will die, this will certainly speed up the entire charging power distribution to be fast. However, if you have a preference not to turn off your smartphone, you can still use the Airplane Mode feature which can stop Wi-Fi and cellular signal transmission.