How to access the internet in remote areas?

Reportedly in recent days, the internet in Syria has been paralyzed due to clashes between rebels and the government. Apparently, there are other tips to stay connected to the internet in certain circumstances.
Internet and communications networks in Syria have been paralyzed since a few days ago. A researcher who also became an activist when the ‘blackout’ internet in Egypt in 2011 and said that there are other ways that people in Syria can re-access the internet.
There is a possibility the Syrian government is behind the internet crippling. However, in reality, the rebels and the government throw each other responsibility and accuse each other that one party is the culprit.

To return to access the internet there are several things that can be done, following the review!

Using a satellite connection
Because the connection via satellite is different from the landline network system, then when there is ‘blackout’ internet, people can still access it by using a transceiver. With the help of satellite internet or so-called as internet pelosok, two-way communication can still be done in some remote villages or in wartime areas.
This device will have to be connected to a portable satellite modem. Only, the use of this service is very expensive. The possible cost to the user is around USD 7 / MB.

Using the telephone network
As long as the telephone network is still working, so is the internet. Although mobile service down and networking are being watched by certain parties there are still other ways to create access out. It will be better if you are looking for leases or lines that are usually used by certain parties to exchange information or confidential data.