Plus Points That You Will Get From Solar Panel!

As we know that today the effects of global warming are very influential in the world, ranging from air temperatures that can easily change, melting ice in the North Pole, and many other things. The cause of global warming is caused by the human activity itself, the more densely populated around the world and the human population continues to grow and then the number of motor vehicles will also always increase. Motor vehicle effects are very influential for global warming because the gas emitted by motor vehicles is carbon monoxide gas which is very harmful to human health and carbon monoxide gas also causes the greenhouse effect. Not to mention the number of glass buildings scattered around the world. Therefore, to reduce the effects of global warming, it would be better if we use a technology such as 5kw solar system. Here are some of the advantages of solar power you should know!

The advantage of the Solar cell which is using Solar Panel is solar energy which is natural energy that will not run out and we can wear it wherever we are. On sunny days, the sun’s energy that shines on the earth produces an average of 1 kw / m² of earth, meaning in 1 hour the energy needed worldwide for 1 year.
If solar energy can be absorbed above 1% of the earth’s surface area, it will cover the consumption of electrical energy needed for the whole world. The surface of the earth is exposed to the sun with a very large volume. The technology of solar panels has been widely developed and potential. Once it’s been developed dimensions of the thickness of solar panels become thinner and without eliminating its function to get an efficient solar energy. In addition, it does not cause pollution or greenhouse emissions that can reduce global warming.
It can be built in remote areas because it does not require energy transmission or energy source transportation. Indonesia is a country with many remote areas. This happens because Indonesia is too big, so the development of Solar cell for the village is very useful.