Which salad is it?

We often hear the word salad, maybe even we ever eat salad. We meet many different salads. Mixed meat called a salad, and mixed vegetables also called a salad. Is it all the same? Or are they different? Which salad is it? The salad is a food made from a mixture of fruits, meats, fresh vegetables, fish, and poultry served together with sauce or consisting only of fruit and juice. The sauce is not only red and tastes spicy, but the sauce is a thickened liquid. Underliner is the base material. Such as lettuce, red kob, and chicory. In the arrangement, underliner has some things that should be a concern. Underliner should not be visible when the body is placed on it. Therefore underliner position should not be too protruding out the plate or to enter. The underliner should not cover the corporate symbol printed on the top plate. For those of you lovers of salad then your decision to enjoy a dish of Sweet Tomato Buffet with Sweet Tomato Buffet Price for dinner every day – $ 11.79.

Salads of quality can be seen from various aspects such as the arrangement of ingredients, made from fresh ingredients should really look fresh. The state of the mixture of ingredients, body mixed with mixed dressings should be appropriate. It should not be too much or too little. Taste, the flavor of a balanced body and dressing indicate good quality. Conversely, if the body and dressings are not balanced will produce a strange taste of course. Appearance, presented equipment should match the salad that is on it so that the appearance of the salad is also pleasing to the eye. Because the appearance of a salad depends not only on the composition of colors and ingredients.